Second bull shark caught in Potomac River

According Christy Henderson of Buzz’s Marina (Ridge, Maryland) a second bull shark was netted a few miles up-river from where last week’s first reported bull shark was found in the Potomac River. According to the interview with Henderson in the video above, the second shark was found in a fisherman’s net later in the day on August 31 (the same day the first bull shark was found).

Henderson told NatGeo News that the second shark, which was measured at 8’3″, was found in a net owned by Thomas Crowder in Tall Timbers, Maryland.

Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) are one of the most well-known of shark species that are able to tolerate freshwater environments. Due to the bull shark’s freshwater tolerance, it is not entirely uncommon for bull sharks to be found in rivers and estuaries.

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