September Outer Banks death ruled accidental drowning, not shark attack

According to the Virginia Pilot, the death of a Pennsylvania man, who was vacationing at North Carolina’s Outer Banks last September, has been ruled an accidental drowning, according to the final autopsy report. The initial autopsy indicated that the man had died as a result of shark bites.

In October, reports surfaced that the cause of death had been changed , but a statement from East Carolina University, where the autopsy occurred, said that the “continued uncertainty” would require that the case be further reviewed. According to the Virginia Pilot article, doctors reviewed the case with marine biologists and concluded that “death was likely not due to shark attack.”

Regardless of the cause of death, a loss of life is always tragic. Hopefully, now that the autopsy report has been finalized, the family and friends of the victim can have some closure in this case.


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