Shark Angels story: Is it just me or is something wrong with this shark photo caption?

UK’s The Sun has managed to run a shark-related news story without going over the top with the sensationalism. The article, Shark Angel, briefly describes the efforts of Julie Andersen of Shark Angels. Unfortunately, it seems that somebody dropped the ball on writing the captions for the photos that were included in the story.

This photo (click the link, as I don’t have the rights to display it here) is accompanied by the caption, “Saved … Shark Angel frees creature from net.” Sadly, the “creature” in the photo, a sand tiger shark, appears well past the point of saving and looks to be quite dead. In fact, what appears to be the same shark can be seen in the Shark Angels video below.

Photo caption blunders aside, I have to give credit to The Sun for taking a step in the right direction, when it comes to steering away from the fear angle and featuring a story about conservation.

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