Shark Divers to reveal new great white shark hotspot

The LA Times Blogs ran a story today (07/01/09) about a new great white shark aggregation site. The location of this newly discovered hotspot will be revealed on July 4, 2009. Shark Divers, which appears to be an offshoot of the California-based commercial dive company, Shark Diver has code-named the site Oceania and is offering dive opportunities exclusively to television and film crews beginning in 2010, according to the information accompanying their video posted on YouTube.

The LA Times article mentions that Shark Divers (not Shark Diver) “used to be in the commercial cage-diving business but now specializes in working with film and television crews.” The implication seems to be that they have opted out of the commercial diving business, but a quick visit to the Shark Diver website indicates that their commercial diving business is still alive and kicking.

The YouTube info also goes on to say that the exact location of the spot will not be revealed until after the first film productions have been completed there. It also says that a typical day involves encounters with up to 10 sharks with 100′ visibility. It certainly sounds like an amazing site for great white shark diving. Hopefully, this new site will help to promote great white shark awareness and conservation efforts. It will be interesting to hear more about this new great white shark spot over the coming months!

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  1. Hi Dorsal Fin,

    Thanks for the post, we’re still alive and kicking with both companies. You’re right about the intentions for this new shark site. Right now these animals enjoy few solid protections here, it is hoped that we can generate some “Sympathy for the Devil” with a series of top notch documentaries that tell the real story of these magnificent predators.

    We’ll keep you updated, nice site.

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