“Shark experts” called in to investigate Seychelles shark attacks

After two fatalities believed to be the results of shark attacks off of Seychelles, experts are being called in to identify the shark responsible for the attacks and to help “catch” the shark, according to an ITN News report. Police spokesman Jean Toussaint said that there is a “big effort” being made to catch the shark responsible for the attack. Alain St Ange, Director of Tourism, said that if a “rogue shark” is responsible, authorities will try to catch it.

A British tourist died as the result of apparent shark bites earlier this week. The victim was swimming off Anse Lazio beach located on the Seychelles island of Praslin. Earlier this month a French tourist died as the result of injuries that “looked like a shark bite” while diving off the same beach, according to Toussaint.

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