Shark found in Charlotte, NC carwash drain after flooding

In the second instance (in less than a week span) of a dead shark being found in an unusual location, the Gaston Gazette is reporting that a shark carcass was found in the drain of at a car wash in Charlotte, North Carolina after the area received as much as 6 inches of rain on Friday over the time period of a few hours. While the thought that the flooding could have washed the shark inland might seem like a reasonable explanation, it should be noted that Charlotte is well over 100 miles from the North Carolina coast.

To check the full story along with a photo of the shark, you can head over to the Gaston Gazette.

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  1. Scott says:

    I think it’s amazing how little was written about this. From the pictures it looks like a sand shark, but the sources have made no attempt to either identify the type, find out where it came from, or even follow up on what happened to it after someone discovered it.

    Poor reporting on all sides. If it’s from someone’s aquarium, or was brought here frozen (or worse, sharks living in the sewers? Oh my!) there needed to be some follow-up and more info for the masses.

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