Shark tank “explodes” along Shanghai shopping mall

According to an ABC News report, 15 people were injured and 3 sharks died when a large shark aquarium “exploded” along a busy shopping area in Shanghai on December 19. The official cause of the structural failure was not determined according to the report. According to a statement from a mall official, the aquarium will not be rebuilt or replaced.

The video footage was captured by a security camera. There was no further information about the conditions of those injured in the ABC News report.

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  1. Cecebeamish says:

    There have been several Great White shark juveniles caught in the Atlantic Ocean off Daytona Beach during winter time. In January several years ago 3 sharks I know of were caught off shore Daytona Beach, Florida appropriately 30 miles from Ponce Inlet, South Daytona. All sharks were caught In or around January.

    Don’sDive Shop Ormond Beach Fl, Don Serbosik an ameture paleointologist & Dr Clifford Jeremiah Jacksonville Fl. made a fiber glass replica of one 6′ GW juvenile. The shark was mounted & put on display in the dive shop. That shark just a baby was very impressive! I. wonder if the Jacksonville female GW Sharks are returning to their birthing grounds?

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