“Shark wrestler” fired for Australia beach trip on sick leave

CNN Legal Briefs reports that a man who made headlines in January for “wrestling” a shark at an Australian beach has been fired from his job due to the incident occurring while he was on sick leave.

Paul Marshallsea was filmed guiding a shark away from a shallow water where children were swimming. The video went viral and was picked up by international news media organizations. Unfortunately, for Marshallsea, his employer used the video as evidence to fire him, since he had been away from work on sick leave. According to Marshallsea, he was on holiday on his doctor’s orders as treatment for work-related stress, and he feels he was unjustly terminated.

According to the UK’s Mirror Marshallsea’s wife was also on sick leave for work-related stress when they traveled to Australia for a 2-month vacation. Upon returning home to the UK, both were notified by their employer that they had been dismissed from their jobs.

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