Sharm el-Sheikh beaches reopen after shark attacks

Time magazine is reporting that the beaches of Sharm el-Sheikh are once again open to water activity under a new set of safety regulations.

According to Salem Saleh, the director of Sharm el-Sheikh’s Tourism Authority, swimmers will be limited to designated areas, and lifeguards and sea patrols will monitor the water. Additionally, authorities and hotel workers will receive training on rescuing shark attack victims. Salem also noted that existing laws banning fish feeding would also be strictly enforced, and that efforts would be made to stress the importance of abiding by the ban. The state will also strictly enforce dumping laws, in response to claims that sheep carcasses were dumped from a cargo ship into the Red Sea, which some theorized could have attracted the sharks responsible for the attacks.

The Time article also notes that the research team that was brought in to investigate the attacks has concluded its investigation on Sunday, prior to the announcement that the beaches would reopen. The team concluded that “habitual fish feeding” could have been one of the biggest possible factors behind the shark attacks.


  1. steve says:

    Shark attacks seems to occur more and more frequently all over the world. For unknown reasons, this problem will get worse. It is well known that dolphin chase sharks even killing them. They can charge the shark and use their nose to hit. So why not to use trained dolphins against sharks. Moreover, It could be a plus for tourism.

  2. Leon says:

    Use trained dolphins against sharks ?
    Well, isn’t that the greates idea of all… There was a great environment before humans entered it, started to destroy it, polute it etc. Humas kill shark because of their fins, they simply cut the fins of and drop it to the bottom.
    And it’s not just sharks, we are talking about hundreds of species being brutally killed by the human hand all around the world, either for expensive soup, or just for the sake of it. (Denmark – dolphins slaying by 18 year olds)
    The nature has to hit back sometime, and more we will be destroying it, more it will be coming back to us.

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