Shopped photo of Huricane Irene shark in Puerto Rico makes the rounds

Thanks to some “Shop-Fu” and Redditor throwawaystress, a digitally manipulated photo of a white shark swimming down a flooded street in Puerto Rico has been making the rounds on the web and even duped Miami’s 7 News, which reported on the photo not realizing it was a joke (video uploaded by YouTube user jernestine)

The story about the hoax photo even founds its way to a blog article at The Washington Post, which revealed the original source of the shark image used in the composite work.

If the shark in the photo looks familiar, it’s because it was lifted from a rather famous photo taken by Thomas P. Peschak that shows a white shark following a kayaker off the coast of South Africa. The photo has been published by multiple media outlets including Africa Geographic and BBC Wildlife to name a few. You can check out the story behind the original photograph on Peschak’s website.

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