South Australia men arrested for killing great white shark

According to Adelaide Now article, Fisheries net catches ‘great white killers’, two Whyalla men were arrested for killing a great white shark and selling its body parts. The men were arrested by Whyalla police and Primary Industries and Resources SA Fisheries officers after a year-long investigation. In addition to the arrests, Fisheries officers seized over $120,000 (AUS) worth of property including fishing equipment, a commercial charter fishing boat, and white shark teeth and jaws. A third man is also expected to be summoned for “similar offenses.” The arrested men have been released on bail and are scheduled to appear in court at later date.

Taking a bite out of crime. McGruff the Crime Dog would be proud.
Taking a bite out of crime. McGruff the Crime Dog would be proud.

Great white sharks have been protected by law in South Australia since 1998, according to Rob Parkes, Primary Industries and Resources SA Fisheries strategic operations manager.


  1. MARK GOVIER says:

    Can you please tell me under which Act the GS Sharks are protected in S.A.? It’s easy to find the laws that protect dolphins and whales, but I’ve been unable to find the same for the GW. Also, are there any other laws protecting other species of shark in SA?



  2. TheDorsalFin says:

    I’m not sure under which Act they were originally protected specifically in S.A. There is a brief description of the S.A. protection laws at (if you scroll down to “Sharks and the law”).

    The Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 lists both great white sharks and grey nurse sharks (aka sand tiger, or ragged-tooth) as being protected in the Commonwealth.

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