Spearfishermen’s unexpected great white shark encounter

Australia’s 7News YouTube channel shared this video of two spearfishermen having an unexpected encounter with a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). According to the report, the white shark (also known as a white pointer in Australia) circled David Richards and Nathan Podmore multiple times, while they were approximately 50m from their boat at the surface. Podmore filmed the encounter which occurred off the coast of Geraldton, Western Australia.

Fortunately, Podmore and Richards kept there cool and remained calm while the shark circled. When the shark came in for a closer look, they prodded it in the side with the tip of a speargun, which sent the shark off on its way, allowing the two men to return to their boat. Both fishermen and the shark came away unscathed, save for probably a temporary sharp increase in heart rate.

Thanks to the SharkDiver blog for the video find!

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