UCSB student dies as a result of shark attack

Sad news out of California yesterday as a 19-year-old University of California Santa Barbara student has died due to wounds from a shark attack, which occurred just after 9AM local time. The man was boogie boarding about 100 yards from shore when he was bitten on the leg by what has been described by officials as a shark that is “14 to 20 feet in length,” according to ABC News.

The species of shark involved has not been officially identified, according to a CBS report, which speculates the species was a great white shark. Drew Sugars, of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office, told CBS that they hope to have the species identified by Monday and that they plan to use teeth marks from the boogie board to determine the species.

Matthew Garcia, a friend of the victim, was only a few feet away when the attack occurred. Garcia attempted to rescue his friend and brought him into shore. Unfortunately, the victim was pronounced dead after further resuscitation attempts after he was brought to shore.

The victim was described by one friend as “the happiest kid in the world,” and by another who said he was a nice guy who “loved life.” My thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and all of his friends and family.

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