Unprecedented multiple shark attacks in Russian waters

UPDATE: RussiaToday recently released the video report below…

Australia’s Herald Sun reports that a second shark attack has occurred off of Russia’s Pacific coast (another attack happened in the region one day earlier) in the Sea of Japan. According to the report, a 16-year-old boy is recovering from “serious” injuries as a result of a shark bite. The boy was apparently bitten on the upper leg while swimming off Zheltukhin island in Russia’s Khasan district.

On Wednesday a 25-year-old man suffered sever injuries to both of his arms resulting in the loss of both forearms. According to Arkady Babenko, the head of surgery at Khasan Central District Hospital, the man is in “grave” condition and remains in “intensive care” after being attacked by a shark while swimming off a beach in the Khasan district.

Shark attacks in the region were unheard of up until this week. Vladmir Rakov, a marine biology professor in Vladivostok, noted that there had been no documented cases of shark attacks on humans in the area. Rakov went on to say that it was likely a white shark behind the attack on Wednesday, based on eyewitness descriptions, according to the Herald Sun article.

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