Update on Atlantic white sharks following row boats

Adventurer, Wave Vidmar, hopes to gather data on white sharks during his solo row from the U.S. to Europe.

In an update to yesterday’s post about Atlantic white sharks following row boats, solo rower Wave Vidmar was kind enough to elaborate on the statement from the press release regarding his upcoming solo ocean row. Vidmar said that during the journeys of the four people who have successfully rowed solo from North America to Europe, similar experiences occurred involving white sharks following their boats for hours to days and that some of the boats were “attacked” by the sharks, in the sense that the sharks mouthed/bit the boats.

While this behavior may not be “typical,” per se, of Atlantic white shark behavior, Vidmar says that it does appear to be a typical behavior observed by solo ocean rowers making the journey from North America to Europe.

Mr. Vidmar believes in the importance of research and has done a great deal of research not only in preparation for this journey but also for other conservation projects along the Pacific Coast. According to the press release about Vidmar’s upcoming trek, he hopes to be equipped with a “shark tag” in the event that he encounters a great white shark, in order to tag the animal and potentially provide researchers with more insight into their behavior in the wild.

You can follow Vidmar’s upcoming ocean row adventure at Ocean Row Solo.


  1. Gary Shaw says:

    I read an account I believe from Novia Scotia in the thirties about a shark that used to follow the same fishing dory out of the bay every day. One day it did “attack” the boat. I’ll look back over my research. I believe this boat was differently colored than the rest of the doriesin the fleet.

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