Vic Hislop’s “shark show” vandalized

According to the Fraser Coast Chronicle, “shark hunter” Vic Hislop has been repeatedly victimized by vandals at his Hervey Bay “Shark Show.” The latest act involved five men ripping the tail off of Hislop’s fiberglass shark. According to the article, Hislop “accosted” and apprehended 3 men and a woman several years ago, whom he suspected of vandalizing his museum, and "took them to the police station where they admitted offenses." The following day Hislop was visited by police who "read out six charges" against him that were punishable by up to 6 years in jail. Hislop went on to say that local hoteliers who were tired of the vandalism rallied behind Hislop and "eventually no one was charged."

Hislop claims to have killed over 1,100 sharks, and has called for a national cull on sharks, according to a 2005 Earthdive article. Hislop’s museum features a frozen carcass of one of the great white sharks he has killed. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Hislop, check out this 2009 Edit International article for some insight into his views on sharks.

While I certainly don’t see eye to eye with Mr. Hislop, I don’t condone acts of vandalism against him and hope the local authorities will deal with the perpetrators appropriately

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  1. Gopher says:

    This is about 3 years late but the blogger’s pretty decent. Plenty of shark lovers out there and hope Vic gets the protection he needs.

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