Video of Strappy, the great white shark, rescue by Andrew Fox

Last October, the story of the rescue of Strappy the great white shark was one of the more positive shark-related news stories I’d seen in a while. Strappy had become bound by a piece of packing tape that was cutting into his flesh in front of his pectoral fins and around his gill slits. Andrew Fox of the Fox Shark Research Foundation was able to cut and remove the tape in a risky rescue attempt outside of a submersible shark diving cage.

Yesterday, Australia’s 7 News released the above video feature on Strappy’s rescue, which also focuses on the impacts of trash in the oceans.

Kudos again to Andrew Fox for his efforts to save Strappy!


  1. sylvia adam says:

    Thanks Andrew for the rescue of that shark there needs to be more people like you who help with the marine debris debarkle

  2. Maya says:

    That is an amazind rescue. BIG thanks to Andrew for saving the shark. Thats one more amazing shark in the ocean! very well done. you should be proud of yourselfs c:

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