“Apparent” shark attack in Virginia Beach

The Virginia Pilot is reporting that teen surfer Caleb Kauchak suffered multiple small bite wounds while surfing off Sandbridge area of Virginia Beach, yesterday. Kauchak’s injuries were not life threatening and will “probably just need stitches,” according to the report, which identified the injuries as “suspected” shark bite wounds. The report also noted that Tyler Christopher, who was surfing with Kauchak, said that he too was attacked but only suffered a ripped swimsuit.

While nobody saw the animal responsible for the attack, medics who treated Kauchak said that the injuries were consistent with the bite marks from a small shark. According to the WAVY.com video report above, markings on Kauchak’s surfboard will be analyzed with the hope of identifying the attacking species.

Kauchak is expected to fully recover. He told The Virginia Pilot that he plans to get back in the water and surf again.


  1. kenny says:

    You are an idiot to think we need to kiil all of the sharks.I am not one of those crazy conservationist, but I am educated enough to know that they play a huge role in the ecosystem. Besides the ocean is their home and we are going in it, if a 10 foot bull shark could walk, and it came into the front door of your house, wouldn’t you be mad?

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