Warden originally identified illegally caught white shark as mako

A quick update on yesterday morning’s post about a juvenile great white shark being caught at Huntington Beach Pier in California…

The L.A. Times reports that California Department of Fish and Game officials have seized the shark. Oddly enough, the warden dispatched to the scene initially identified the shark as a “mako” (presumably Isurus oxyrinchus) and let the fishermen in possession of the shark go, according to the report. The article then goes on to say that “after a second look” the warden realized that the shark was in fact a white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) and “caught up with the men” and seized the shark.

According to Pete Thomas’ Outdoors blog, the DFG’s Capt. Dan Sforza said that they have identified who caught the shark and are investigating the catch. Sforza also added that “nobody is going to get away with anything.”

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