What’s the real story with the great white shark at Depoe Bay?

Portland’s Koin Local 6 News is reporting that the fisherman who towed a great white shark to shore, near Depoe Bay (Oregon), after finding it snagged in his crab pot lines has been cited for possessing the shark. However, they also report that a source close to the fisherman has said that not only is this not true, but that the fisherman was instructed by authorities to bring the dead shark in. The report also chronicles reports of other possible shark sightings, one of which “scientists confirmed MAY be a great white shark,” which is a nice way of saying, “We can’t confirm that it was a great white shark, but it’s possible.”

The Depoe Bay great white shark story has seen its share of variations. KATU.com originally reported that "the shark sprung to life in the parking lot pictured, thrashing around and almost biting someone," after it had been dragged into a parking lot. This particular aspect of the story seems to have faded from further reports.

While the internet can be a great source of information, it seems that it’s also capable of being a great source of misinformation, as well. If anybody has a definitive (and accurate) account of this story, please feel free to share it, thanks.

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