White shark caught in Sea of Cortez reportedly over 19′

If you want to see pictures of a dead shark, follow the links below. If not, here's a live one.

Images of large great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) carcass hauled in by fishermen in the Sea of Cortez have been floating on Facebook since early this week. The shark was reportedly found dead in the net of some local fishermen off “El Choyudo.” The fishermen towed the already dead carcass to shore from about two miles out.

It should be noted that reports indicated the fishermen did not target the shark and were surprised to find it in their nets. White sharks are listed as a protected species in Mexican waters.

Pete Thomas notes on his “Outdoors, action and adventure” that one local report had the shark measured at 19.8′ in length and has the shark being caught “near Guaymas.” For more information and photos, check out
Pete Thomas’ blog as well as his Grind TV article.


  1. MP says:

    The shark was found in “El Choyudo”, 50 km from Bahia de Kino, SONORA, Mexico. Bahia de Kino “Kino Bay” is located about 90 km from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

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