White shark near WA beach left unharmed despite “kill order”

A 4m great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) that was spotted near Leighton Beach, Western Australia forced the closure of a children’s surf life saving carnival on December 2, according to a 7 News video report. Despite a controversial government issued “kill order” for large sharks that pose an “imminent threat” to beach-goers, Western Australia Fisheries Department did not harm the shark, which left the area within an hour. A Fisheries Department representative told 7 News said that killing the shark was not necessary, because it was not a threat with everybody being out of the water. Additionally, the shark was being monitored by boats and helicopters, during the time in was in proximity to the beach.

The beach closure coincided with a Cottlesoe coroner’s official ruling in the death of a Perth man, who disappeared while swimming last year. Part of his swimsuit, which had bite marks consistent with a 3m white shark, were the only evidence recovered from the scene. The police ruled that a shark attack was the most likely cause of death.

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