The Dorsal Fin great white shark photo appears on CBS News

I love looking at photos of great white sharks. No two photos are ever the same, which is what makes each individual photo fairly recognizable. I was a bit surprised to see a familiar photo used in the graphic on CBS News’ report about a white shark encounter in Australia.

Yes, that less-than-impressive white shark photo seen over anchorman Jeff Glor’s shoulder at the beginning of the report was shot by yours truly at Isla de Guadalupe a few years ago and was first featured on this site in a blog post regarding Atlantic white sharks interacting with row boats. In fact, I’d have to go back through my files, but I’m fairly certain that the image is a frame capture from some video footage I shot.

I actually have much better quality shark photos than this particular shot, if only CBS had thought to ask for one.


    • TheDorsalFin says:

      Hi Dave,

      I wasn’t contacted by anybody requesting to use the image. I was fairly surprised to see it when I saw the CBS News report on the white shark encounter in Australia.

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