White sharks expected in Chatham as early as mid-June

great white shark
Great white sharks are expected to return to Cape Cod waters as early as mid-June.

TheBostonChannel.com is reporting that great white sharks are expected to return to the Chatham, Massachusetts area as early as mid-June. The sharks are drawn to the area by an abundant seal population during the summer months when water temperatures hit the mid-60° F range.

Data from white sharks tagged in Chatham waters over the past two years has shown that the sharks tend to stay in the area until early fall, at which point they travel directly to Florida waters “without spending a lot of time in between.” Skomal hopes to tag more white sharks this summer with the goal of learning more about their movement patterns and behavior.


  1. Laurie Colwell says:

    Was fishing Sunday, July 17th and a 15 foot great white came up to say “hello”. He stayed around our boat – we were off the coast of Chatham – for 5-10 minutes. He finally made a kill – we think it must have been a seal – and off he went. Pretty cool.

  2. Emily says:

    I had a similar encounter with a great white. On July first less than a mile off shore we saw a 14 foot great white swimming right along the boat. This was is Wellfleet, which is just a few beaches over from Chatham. And just the other day Chatham closed there beach due to a shark related issue.

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