Wired.com feature on shark finning

WARNING: Video features footage of live sharks being finned.

Wired.com recently featured a report on shark finning, which included the video above. The article does not really offer up anything new on the topic, but perhaps by appearing at Wired.com it brings the subject to an audience that might not be familiar with shark finning. The article also many links to the reader with the intent of supporting anti-finning organizations and legislation.

The video, along with the article, essentially explains the shark finning process, along with the demand for shark fin soup. The socioeconomic issues involved in the shark fin industry are briefly touched upon, as well. Additionally, measures to intended to help curb the demand for shark fins are also briefly covered, including Hawaii’s shark fin ban.

It should be noted that the statistic regarding an estimated 73 million sharks killed annually is derived from the top-end estimate found in a study by Shelley Clarke et al. I have yet to find a reference for the statistic regarding a 90% decline in certain species. If any readers are familiar with the source for this statistic, please let know. Thanks!

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