Yet another “MONSTER” shark sighting

Leave it to the media to turn an estimated 4m (13.1′) shark into a “MONSTER SHARK!!!” According to The Manly Daily, a “monster” shark was spotted at Avalon (NSW, Australia) on Sunday. (In case you were wondering, the Manly Daily is not a periodical for Sylvester Stallone fans. Manly is actually a suburb of Sydney, Australia.) Several surfers spotted the shark at the same time, which witnessed placed being within 5m (16.4′) of some of the surfers. Volunteer lifesaver, Kurt Magnus, was packing up for the day, when the surfers alerted him of the shark sighting, which prompted Magnus to sound the shark alarm and clear the water. There were no further incidents between the shark and any bathers or surfers.

While the shark is designated a “Monster Shark” in the report’s headline, the article also goes on to refer to it as a “mammoth shark,” as well. I’m not sure if this implies that mammoths are also monsters or not, although I’m guessing monsters sell more newspapers the mammoths.

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