333 Productions great white shark video “Legacy”

Joe Romeiro’s 333 Productions delivers yet another excellently produced shark video. “Legacy” features stock footage of the late “Jaws” author, Peter Benchley, describing the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). While Benchley is most well-known for penning the story that many believe has had a profound impact on how people view the great white shark, he later in life stated that with the knowledge he obtained about sharks he could never demonize an animal in the way that the shark from “Jaws” was portrayed.

“Legacy,” directed by Bill Fisher and narrated by Peter Stacker, features white shark footage shot at Isla de Guadalupe and showcases some of the more recognizable sharks that are return to the island year after year.

The short film was produced in cooperation with Wendy Benchley and Shark Savers.

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