BBC clip: Shark repellent field test

BBC Earth recently added the above video to their YouTube channel that features a “field test” of sorts of a shark repellent derived from dead shark tissue. The logic behind the repellent is that the scent of rotting shark meat will drive sharks away from an area, according to the video’s narrator. Based on what you see in the video, releasing the repellent certainly seems to result in the Caribbean reef sharks and blacktip sharks leaving the area.

Unfortunately, there is little mention of any of the controls involved in this “experiment.” While the repellent seemingly appears to work on these particular species of sharks, at least based on what we are shown the video, it is unclear how effective it might be on other species.

While the video features some nice imagery, the extent to which Philippe Cousteau Jr and Tooni Mahto play up the event for the cameras seems a little bit overdone.

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