Boater has apparent close call with shark

UPDATE: According to YouTube user MsAnnabelle99, the shark in the video was a 4m+ tiger shark who had been around the boat for around 10 minutes with a pod of orcas. The video was shot approximately 8 miles off of Merimbula, New South Wales, Australia.

Not much info about this video, which showed up on YouTube today from user MsAnnabelle99. The only information provided in the video description is “shark almost bites arm.”

Based on an initial view at normal speed, it’s fairly difficult to discern what is going on, aside from the presence of a large shark around a fishing boat. However, the slow-motion footage (found at the end of the video) gives a better look at what certainly looks like a great white shark partially breaching the surface in close proximity to the cameraman, and another boater who is reaching out of over the side of the boat when the white shark surfaces.

Thankfully, it appears that everybody came out of the situation unscathed, with the exception of a good scare on the part of the cameraman.


  1. Casey says:

    Looks like a rounded nose and a rounded dorsal. i have never seen a tiger do that unless they are at allbatros island.

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