Video: boy and his dad buy shark and release it to the wild

A recently uploaded video on YouTube shows a father and son buying a shark from a beach-side vendor with the sole intent of releasing it to the wild. After the young boys pays for the shark his dad hauls it down to the shore to release it back into the sea. The boy’s motivation for releasing the shark was to help conserve the animals as he goes on to say that “everyone should save sharks” and “we shouldn’t kill them.”

According to the boy in the video, the shark was purchased for the equivalent of $35(US). Based on the smile on the boy’s face after the shark swims away, and the celebratory high-five, I’m guessing both father and son considered it money well spent.

The footage is followed up by some anti-finning imagery and some unreferenced shark attack and mortality statistics. Personally, I think the video works better without it, as it somewhat ruins the upbeat and positive nature of the earlier part of the video. Besides, the boy did a fine job getting his message across on his own…but that’s just my opinion.

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