Carolina Beach shark video: Can you id the shark?

According to Carolina Beach Today a family who caught a “shark encounter” on video are still trying to identify the shark that passed close by them on September 14. A mother and her three children are seen playing in the shallows when the shark passed by. While there is never really a good clear shot of the shark, after strategically pausing the video around 30 seconds and getting a decent look at the dorsal and caudal fins, I’m going to throw my guess out there as the species being a sandbar shark, which are commonly found in the area. I’ve also got a vote for a blacktip shark, which are also common in the area.

UPDATE: I was able to pull the following frames from the video that show the dorsal and caudal fins.

Screen caps from Carolina Beach shark video.
These frames show the best views of the shark filmed at Carolina Beach.


  1. Savanna says:

    If that’s a nurse shark, then it’s a rare version that is active and solitary during the day, has a quite triangular dorsal fin, and odd black edging on its caudal fin…

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