Dark Tide trailer features Guadalupe great white sharks

The trailer for Halle Berry’s new shark horror flick, “Dark Tide,” showed up online today. The trailer features the typical shark attack movie fare, but it also features some of Guadalupe’s great white sharks, most notably Cal Ripfin (aka Shredder) who can be seen at 38 seconds in.

“Dark Tide” follows the story of a “shark expert” played by Berry who is involved in a shark attack but later returns to the water after a lucrative proposition from a wealthy thrill-seeker who wants to dive with white sharks outside of the cage. While some of the shark footage was shot at Guadalupe, it appears that the story mainly takes place in South Africa.

If you’re looking for a documentary about white sharks, this isn’t it. Rather it looks to be another horror/thriller with white sharks as the main antagonists (although the storm in the preview looked pretty threatening, too). So, don’t be surprised if your favorite Guadaupe white shark ends up being playing one of the villains in “Dark Tide.”

“Dark Tide” opens March 30, 2012, and is rated PG-13 for “bloody shark attacks and disturbing images” among other things.

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  1. charles222 says:

    PG-13? Candy ass movie. Bet nothing in it is as graphic as Quint’s death in Jaws, a PG movie.

    Shark attacks are rare obviously, but a movie about them should be an R, IMO.

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