A look at the effects of feeding whale sharks of Oslob, Cebu

YouTube user feedinggiants recently shared another episode of “Feeding Giants: The Tuki Chronicles,” which focuses on research team looking at the effects of humans feeding whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) off of Oslob, Cebu, Philippines. Some observations reported by the team included the sharks apparently becoming less concerned with the presence of humans, sharks remaining in the area for extended periods of time, sharks competing at boats for handouts, and sharks remaining at boats after feeding stopped.

The researchers raised concerns about a reduction in the variety of the whale sharks’ diet as a result of being fed a single food source (“uyap”), as well as concerns over a potential decrease in natural migration of the sharks, due to the sharks remaining in the area for an “unnatural” amount of time. The issue of poaching and sharks being less afraid of boats was also mentioned as a potentially negative effect of feeding the whale sharks.


  1. karina hornofova says:

    go to disneyworld in the usa where sharks ,manta rays other marine species are kept in cages ,orca the whale being manhandled and told to do very unnatural things watched by thousands everyday or go to the bahamas where dolphins are kept in a pool being taken pictures with flash by people in their hands……these idiot westerners telling filipinos how to act when they themselves and their counterparts´╗┐ are the ones breaking the rules every single day in a big way…..bunch of hypocrites
    Apochea 5 minutes ago

  2. maude says:

    sadly the practice of commodifying our natural environment and wildlife is not confined to the US and Europe. The Philippines has long been guilty of it and the feeding in Oslob is just another example. The degradation of our forests and marine resources are largely due to our greed, our apathy, our ignorance, and our arrogance. As long as we continue to view the world as if we are at the center of it then we will continue to believe that all things exist for our consumption and entertainment. Look where it’s gotten us so far.

  3. Ken says:

    Out of sheer collective stupidity and greed, man is dead bent on destroying the delicate balance of nature. We are a scourge on this earth. Why can’t we relish and celebrate and value and natural balance of nature? We always seem, instead, to find ever more creative ways to strip it for economic and/or entertainment value?

    This is where early human cultures, such as the American Indians, were far more advanced than current society. They realized that they were part of the earth and had to respect it for the sake of future generations and the health and well-being of their people. They worshiped the earth.
    –We destroy it for profit. How truly pathetic for us.

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