Fisherman lands juvenile great white shark on SA beach

YouTube user APDharley1 posted the video above of a fisherman landing a juvenile great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) near Cape Agulhas, South Africa. According to the video description, the shark measured 170cm in length. The shark remains on the beach for about two minutes after having the hook removed, while measurements and photographs are taken. To the fisherman’s credit, he does make the effort to see that the shark is released back into the ocean.

White sharks are protected species in South Africa. Last month marked the first time in the history of South Africa’s courts that an individual was convicted of violating the protection legislation of the great white shark, when fisherman Leon Bekker was found guilty of having “caught, landed, and disturbed” the protected species.

The video description notes that the fisherman thought the shark was a mako.

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