Great Migrations: shark media done the right way

In stark contrast to a few of the not-so-spectacular white shark clips that NatGeo has released over the past day or so, they also released this excellent whale shark footage within the past week. Hopefully, NatGeo will focus more on this kind of footage and less on guys falling out of boats and “great white attacks.”

This is how it’s done National Geographic. Nice work!


  1. Nay says:

    Ooooh I know a 10 year old shark-crazy one-day marine biologist who’s going to love your site! Whale Sharks are one of her favourites and I’ve just commissioned a special painting for Christmas. She gets *very* annoyed with fussy, sensationalist articles and hates coming up against the gory pictures when she googles for images. It’s sleeptime now but can’t wait to show her this site tomorrow…maybe before she goes to school!

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