Great White Shark filmed off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida

I usually try to avoid repeating stories from some of the other major shark blogs out there, but this one is too good not to share, in case anybody missed it at The Best Shark Dive in the World! and Shark Diver’s Underwater Thrills: Swimming With Sharks. Video footage of a rare great white shark sighting off the coast of Florida, filmed last week about "6 to 7 miles outside of the Mayport Jetties," has been posted on YouTube. The video information posted on YouTube lists the shark as being at least 18′, although I suspect the size might be a bit overestimated, based on the apparent girth of the shark. (Then again, what do I know?) Regardless, of the shark’s size, it’s a rare find and the footage is well above “Bigfoot quality” in the respect that there is little doubt that the subject matter is clearly a white shark.

The video was posted by YouTube user surfergirl10244 who posted a couple more short clips of the white shark, in addition to the one above. Check out the links below for the other clips.

Clip #1
Clip #2

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