Great white shark gets head caught in cage (Gansbaai, SA)

WARNING: Video contains profanity (and also was shot vertically, which some may find more offensive than the profanity)

YouTube user Bryan Plummer‘s video of a white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) getting its head caught in a shark cage has gone viral and was all over the U.S. national news this morning. The video was shot by Plummer on March 21 and documents a white shark swimming into a shark cage, which appears to have at least two divers in it. Unfortunately, the shark’s head breached the “viewing port” in close proximity to one of the cage divers. Fortunately, no divers were harmed in the incident and the shark managed to free itself.

White sharks lack the ability to swim backwards, so the thrashing seen in the video is not uncommon when a shark gets entangled or caught as was the case in the situation.

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