Human remains found in Bahamas tiger shark tentatively identified

According to CBS4 the human remains that were found in a tiger shark caught in the Bahamas on September 4 have tentatively been identified through fingerprints. Bahamian authorities are still awaiting DNA test results.

The remains have been identified as one of two boaters who went missing after attempting to swim to shore following encountering engine trouble near “Jaws Beach” on August 29. Three other people who remained on the boat were rescued. It has still not been determined whether the man was alive when the shark ate his body.

“Jaws Beach” got its name after the movie “Jaws: The Revenge” was filmed there. Despite no determination on whether the man found in the tiger shark was actually attacked while he was alive or his remain were scavenged after his death, MyFoxNewYork has gone so far as to say that the man’s death “echoes the blockbuster U.S. film series in which a deranged great white shark emerges from the depths to dine on unsuspecting swimmers.”

Regardless of the cause of this man’s death, his loss is no less profound whether he drowned or was attacked while alive. Additionally, the other boater who attempted to swim to shore has still not been found. My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of both men.

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