“Killer Sharks” tonight on Discovery’s “Shark Week”

“Killer Sharks: The Attacks of Black December” premieres tonight at 9pm on Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week.”

Discovery’s description of “Killer Sharks” includes references to events in 1957 at a South African resort in which “the white sands are clogged with dead bodies and the sapphire waters are red with blood.” The description goes on to note that the suspect is a single “massive rogue shark with a taste for human flesh.” The disclaimer before the promotional clips for this episode also note that the show contains content that may “disturb viewers.”

In addition to “Killer Sharks,” Discovery will be re-airing the 2007 show “Top Five Eaten Alive” at 8pm, which recounts the stories of five shark attack survivors.


  1. Mark Kawakami says:

    Ugghhh… The two last night were on the verge of making me punch my TV, but they managed to pull out some non hysterical cool-headedness in the latter of half of each. But “Killer Sharks” may very well be crossing the line (again). And re-airing “Top 5 Eaten Alive” is just downright irresponsible and exploitive of Discovery.

    On the upside, the did re-air “Jaws of the Pacific”, which is one of their best, most fascinating documentaries in years.

  2. Heather says:

    I think Discovery wants to air shows that people will find fun, and unfortunately a lot of “horror” movie lovers also love these types of shows. I was really dissapointed myself in “Killer Sharks” not just because it painted the sharks as monsters, but there were so many inconsistencies. Showing bright day below water, but sunset above in the same shot, claiming its a single white shark, then showing footage of dozens of bulls as the culprits. I held Discovery to a higher level of film making, cuz thats all this show was, not a documentary by far.

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