NatGeo Wild’s “Shark Attack Experiment: Live”

NatGeo Wild’s “Shark Attack Experiment: Live” premieres on Friday November 25 at 9pm EST, 6pm PST. The two-hour live event will reportedly investigate if “sharks are out to get you” and will feature divers and conservationists interacting with sharks in South Africa’s waters. According to the NatGeo site, the team of experts will attempt to “separate shark attack myths from realities.”

“Shark Attack Experiment: Live” will cap off NatGeo Wild’s “Sharkathon” which will feature 9 hours of shark programming shot at various locations around the globe.

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  1. drudown says:


    How can this hokey, made-for-tv (ahem) “experiment” shed any light on documented instances of human predation? There is really very little to study at baited conditions that realistically apply when pelagic sharks have occasion to attack and consume humans. The sharks arrive in search of a free meal, i.e., it is a conditioned response. In contrast, most fatal shark attacks are ambush attacks, i.e., human prey serves as sustenance for opportunistic sharks with metabolic needs.

    Just this: the notion that White sharks “mistake” humans for agile seals is the myth. There is absolutely no scientific proof thereto whatsoever. If they actually did, the predation patterns would be identical. But it is just the opposite and reflects that the White sharks are naturally more cautious and expend as little energy as possible, knowing that the seafaring primate has no escape.

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