NatGeo Wild’s “Wild Lab: The Shark Test” – white shark Crittercam

NatGeo Wild has released a preview clip for tonight’s upcoming “Wild Lab: The Shark Test.” The show will feature researchers using National Geographic’s “Crittercam” technology on some of South Africa’s great white sharks with the hope of recording video footage from a shark’s perspective.

[The clip above features also includes an unfortunate incident that occurred on a previous Crittercam expedition at Isla de Guadalupe, in which one of the researchers fell overboard in close proximity to a white shark.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the incident, but it’s one of those clips that makes me cringe whenever I see it. It was undoubtedly a dangerous situation, and I suppose the motivation behind showing the footage yet again is to create a greater sense of drama for the viewers. Hopefully, everybody managed to stay safely in the boat this time around, and the Crittercam captured some great footage.]

“Wild Lab: The Shark Test” airs May 24 at 7:30 ET/PT on NatGeo Wild.


    • Dave says:

      From what I heard, the shark swam under the bow and when it got to the stern it bumped into the outdrive of the boat pushing it back.

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