Peter Klimley talks shark behavior with The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel has posted and excerpt from its show “Lifeguard!” that features a discussion about shark behavior with U.C. Davis researcher Peter Klimley. Shark attacks in Southern California and white shark behavior seem to be the main focus of the segment. Relative risk of attacks, attack behavior, and white shark diet are among some the items Klimley discusses.

It’s interesting to note that (in this excerpt at least) Klimley seems to suggest that shark attacks are generally the result of a defensive behavior in which the shark bites but does not remove any flesh from the victim, which may be preceded by shark threat behavior. The topics of test bites or actual instances of sharks feeding on humans are not addressed in the clip.


  1. Kyrsten says:

    I love, love, LOVE Peter Klimley. I bought a book by him not too long ago titled “The Secret Life of Sharks” It’s really an excellent read that explains so much about sharks without making them the villain. I was so excited to see this!

  2. drudown says:

    Klimey could not be more off base when he asserts that the “bulk of shark attacks” are because White “sharks are afraid of you.” There is zero evidentiary, scientific or evolutionary basis to reach such a conclusion.


    I mean, does this “expert” in White shark biology even believe what he says or has shark sociobiology officially lost any semblance of academic integrity as it transmutes itself into a public relations movement for sharks?

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