Puerto Rico shark attack survivor Lydia Strunk talks to GMA

ABC’s Good Morning America featured an interview with shark attack survivor Lydia Strunk this morning. Strunk was bitten by a shark on her right leg last month while swimming off Isla de Vieques, an island-municipality of Puerto Rico, in Puerto Mosquito (aka Bioluminescent Bay and Mosquito Bay).

Puerto Mosquito is well-known for its bioluminescent aquatic life and Strunk was kayaking in the area at night with a tour group. Some of the members of the group decided to swim in the bay in order to experience the glowing wildlife firsthand. However, after about 10 minutes of swimming Strunk told GMA that she felt a strong impact on her right leg. According to reports a 6′ tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) bit Strunk’s leg causing tendon and nerve damage.

Strunk had to kayak back to land after sustaining the shark bite and then had to endure travel along bumpy roads before reaching an emergency room. However, she credited those who tended to her and noted that she felt fortunate to receive “impeccable emergency response.” Strunk had four tendons repaired in addition and is expected to recover, although she may have limited mobility in her right foot.

Strunk seems to be taking her recovery in stride and noted that she and friends had nicknamed the shark “Chewy” whose name appears on her cast. Additionally, another friend wrote that Strunk was one-in-a-million to which Strunk said she is quick to correct to one-in-11-million.

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