“Shark Men” : How much does a great white shark weigh?

The Daily recently released a video featuring expedition leader Chris Fischer and Captain Brett McBride discussing their work with great white sharks for the National Geographic series “Shark Men.” Fischer seems to do most of the talking and touches on how his team of “world-class mariners” has joined forces with “world class scientists” in order to learn more about great white sharks and use that knowledge to affect policies to protect the species.

Fischer also mentions 5,000 lbs great white sharks in the video on multiple occasions. Maximum weight of white sharks seems to be one of those things that has been debated among experts over the years. For example, National Geographic lists the weight of great white sharks at “5,000 lbs or more,” while the Smithsonian lists the weight of white sharks at “up to 4400 lbs.”

Considering that the “Shark Men” team are recording measurements as part of their research, if they have been recording the live weight of all of their specimens, could an end to the debate on white shark weight be near?

New episodes of “Shark Men” air Saturdays at 9pm on the National Geographic Channel.


  1. Zenda Iannetti says:

    Does anyone know how to get in contact with Mr. Fischer? I am very interested in working with great white sharks and saw his tv show this afternoon.

    Please let me know!!


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