Shark Week 2010 promotional campaign: So far, so good

Discovery Networks’ YouTube Channel has recently added another promotional video for Shark Week 2010, featuring a breaching great white shark. The overall positive tone of the clip, which ends with a “Happy Shark Week,” is definitely a step above last year’s string of fictional shark attack commercials. It’s also nice to see a clean blue Shark Week logo, as opposed to the bloody one used last year along with a bleeding Discovery logo.


  1. Amazing footage. The show is incredibly addicting from the point of learning more about the great white sharks. While a healthy respect for great whites is necessary, the research of it all is quite fascinating. Thank you sooo much for bringing this to us….

  2. Yes, with all the promotion they did for “Life” and “Planet Earth” hopefully Discovery Channel will go with some fascinating scientific and behavioral programming this year and try to avoid the sensationalistic stuff about sharks being killers and man eaters of the sea as they have done in years past. Looking forward to it nonetheless!

  3. Mark Kawakami says:

    Unfortunately, the Shark Week programs look as awful as possible. The program guide for this year is up at Discovery’s website at

    In the descriptions for the programs, they use the word attack” 11 times, “bite” 6 times and “deadly”, “scary” and “blood” 2 times each.

    On the other hand, the words “conservation”, “endangered”, “finning”, “education”, “shark fin soup”, “threatened”, “research” and, astonishingly, “science” don’t appear at all.

    The hopes for a more responsible Shark Week are once again in vain.

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