Tonight’s “Shark Week” programming to focus on shark attacks

Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” continues tonight with the premieres of two new shows beginning at 9pm. Based on the promotional clips and show descriptions, the focus of tonight’s programs will center around shark attacks.

“Rogue Sharks” premieres at 9pm and will explore the theory that some sharks may go “rogue” and target humans as a food source. The show will combine historic shark attacks with scientific detective work to examine the “rogue shark” theory.

“Summer of the Shark” premieres at 10pm and will look back at “an unprecedented wave of shark attacks” that occurred off the eastern coast of Australia in 2008. Australia fisheries managers and shark researchers work to attempt to uncover the cause behind the attacks.

Some of the promotional clips for both of these shows feature warnings about containing attack reenactments with content of a “graphic nature,” which has drawn some criticism in the past. On a somewhat related note, The Vancouver Sun has a fairly well-balanced editorial on whether or not “Shark Week” is exploitative or educational.

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