Should this kind of thing be part of Shark Week?

DiscoveryNetworks YouTube Channel has released another round of promotional videos from Shark Week 2011. The clip is taken from “Killer Sharks: The Attacks of Black December” and portrays a rather gruesome shark attack reenactment. For anybody familiar with the film “Jaws,” there are more than a few noticeable similarities between this clip and the Alex Kintner scene.

Another clip from “Rogue Sharks” (also a part of this year’s “Shark Week”) features even more blood and gore. The clip from “Rogue Sharks” is narrated by the victim of a white shark attack who recounts his encounter. The victim was bitten twice and after the second bit the shark remained latched on to his leg.

Discovery’s “Shark Week” has faced criticism in the past for this kind of programming, and it seems that these types of shows are in the minority for this year’s “Shark Week.” So, do you think the style of programming seen in the clip above belongs on “Shark Week” or not? You can share your opinion the comments section.


  1. Shane says:

    Shark week has such an opportunity to show a side of sharks rarely seen (the much more common side, ironically). everyone has seen and been scared by the type of clip above. i think its time to abandon these types of shows or at least have some sort of balance.

  2. Ben Everett says:

    Watched about 20 mins of the “Black December” special and shut it off, very upset. Discovery flipped the bill for a poor killer shark movie.

  3. Ray Kosby says:

    I watched the whole thing and was disappointed. I would prefer more facts, interviews, photos, experiments and demonstrations to reenactments and fictional characters. They could have delved into many facets of this situation but stuck with the drama instead.

    It seemed inaccurate in ways that contradicted a program the day before. Shark cages were invented in the 60s by Rodney Fox. This program showed it being used in the 50s.

  4. Jo-Ann says:

    I think “Shark Week” should be used as an opportunity to educate the population on the benefits of sharks, on their serious decline and why they should be protected. I hate shows which sensationalize the extremely few shark attacks per year in the world. More shows such as SharkWater and the National Geographic’s “Expedition Great White” should be shown. So much damage has been done worldwide by stupid, fictional films such as “Jaws” and the new “Shark Night 3D”. I think tv stations do a great dis-service to sharks with this inaccurate type of fear-mongering show. I only watch the positive, educational shows as sharks should be protected not persecuted!!

  5. sarah g says:

    Averyone fails to mention the fact that on one of the specials, i believe the ‘rogue’ one, they show the infamous JAWS clip of the 100% naked non-shaven skinny dipper lady, treading water, panning the camera up her legs, and show everything. nobody else saw that? . . .my kids did.

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