Video: Anthony Hoy feature on great white shark diving debate

Anthony Hoy recently added the above video report to his YouTube channel. Hoy focuses on the great white shark cage diving industry at Australia’s Neptune Islands and addresses the debate about whether or not cage diving practices “train” white sharks to associate humans with food, thereby increasing the likelihood of attacks on humans.

The report features accounts from tour operators including Rolf Czabayski and Rodney Fox who both contend that their operations do not endanger bathers nor increase the risk of attacks at Port Lincoln beaches. Both dive operators perform their dives at the Neptune Islands which is over 40 miles from Port Lincoln.

Additional accounts from John West, Operations Manager of the Taronga Zoo, who states that sharks can be trained in a laboratory environment. Dave Buckland, an abalone diver, contends that shark cage diving could result in sharks being more comfortable approaching boats and divers. Ken Penalurick, another abalone diver, told Hoy that he believed that sharks were becoming more aggressive, based on his experiences.

While the video report includes arguments on both sides of the debate, most of what is presented on both sides is based is essentially anecdotal evidence, with no real scientific research or data presented to support either side of the debate.


  1. anthony hoy says:

    You state that “most of what is presented on both sides is essentially anecdotal evidence, with no real scientific research or data presented to support either side of the debate.

    I refer you to follow-up report, ‘Shark Feeding, North Queensland, Australia”, ( Youtube link embed code

    The report shows a shark feeding frenzy at a permanent cage shark diving installation on the floor of the Coral Sea, 70km off the coast of Cairns, promoted by operator Mike Ball as ‘Scuba Zoo’.

    The report extensively quotes Dr George Burgess (Florida Museum of Natural History & director International Shark Attack File) who maintains that cage shark diving is ‘changing the natural ecology’, and Dr Carl Edmunds (Navy School of Underwater Medicine and South Pacific Underwater Medical Society) who likens cage shark diving outcomes to the Pavlov’s Dogs theory.

    The original report did not detail the concerns of Australian regulators concerning the practice by certain cage shark diving operators of encouraging Great Whites to jump from the water using tuna carcasses suspended several metres above the water and in close proximity to boats. This has also been a common activity in South Africa, and elsewhere.

  2. Shark Industry Guy says:

    Anthony the only Pavlovs dog theory in evidence are the two “experts” you dredged up and who both salivate shark nonsense when the cameras are turned on them.

    Of the half dozen shark baiting research studies and real PhD’s that conducted them, did you think to call any of them for a quote?

    No you didn’t.

    What you did do is slander some first rate operations for ratings. Well done sir.

    You also produced one stellar hit piece, it will go down as the bench mark for shark operations for years to come, and how to avoid being the subject of media garbage.

    Congratulations, as it turns out you can actually get yourself on television for being a one sided media goon.

    What’s your next expose?

    Nuns having sex in the Vatican?

    Or will you be getting serious about journalism this time?

  3. anthony hoy says:

    You redneck shark boys know how to really hurt someone’s feelings! Is that the best you’ve got? Some goon in Fiji that hides a bald pate with a Stars & Stripes bandanna, and who can’t spell to save himself. And, of course, the Godfather of shark goons with the obviously gay Christian name Patric who, having tried his hand at every conceivable ‘adventure travel’ occupation, now prefers to chase unsuspecting sharks around the oceans while himself hiding behind the guise of ‘writer ‘. Goodness. I may never venture into the public domain again after this mauling.

  4. Matt Waller says:

    I cant spell iether and I dont care. however I have considerable experience on the water and with marine life. Moving from comercial fishing to tourism 5 years ago I have delt within the shark tourism industry in port lincoln during that time. our buisness also conducts cage diving tours to the neptune Islands we are one of two operatores that are being given the chance to expand the industry.

    Due to the ongoing public debate about the interaction with endangered animals and the growing rejection of this type of tourism throuh the world we are tryling new ways of bringing Great Whites into the vasinity of the viewing cage while in the water. We are not using bait, blood, chum, berley or teasers to bring sharks around the boat, we instead are using accoustics and we are having a fantastic resul. For the next few months we will continue to trial these methods and are offering people the opertunity to join us on these tours as paying passengers. If there is any one out there that disagrees with baiting sharks, but would still like to see one, or if you think there is no other way to interact with wild life except to tease it, then come and have a look at our reaserch.

    I can garentee this no shark is ever going to accociate our boat with a free meal. Our guests are also from all over the world and the trip to Port Lincoln is a big expence so we have to give them a great day out if we are to stay in buisness long term. May be we have an alternative to the current practises and maybe they will be more palitable to the public. also when you come bring your favourate CD we will play it for you in the water while you wait.

    derdent derdent DERDENT DERDENT

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