Video: Flying shark interrupts dolphin footage

Robs441 recently shared the video above on YouTube, which features surface footage of dolphins feeding in South Carolina waters. At around 2:40 a small breaching shark stirs up the action a bit with a “cartwheel” as its noted in the video description.

If any of you shark identification experts can i.d. the shark, feel free to share your expertise in the comments.


  1. Casey says:

    At a guess, a Spinner Shark? Not much to work with, but with the shallow water, the geographical location and the Spinner shark’s well renowned habit of breaching, it seems fairly plausible. Caudal fin matches, though many sharks display a longer upper caudal lobe. Seems a bit dark for a Spinner, but that could also be due to the overcast weather.

  2. Chuck says:

    Blacktip sharks will also breach while feeding, and are common in the area. Both species use marshes on the Carolina coast as nurseries, though blacktips are definitely the more common of the two. The dolphins look like they’re chasing a school of fish, so it’s likely that a juvenile blacktip or spinner was also feeding on the same baitball and engaged in some acrobatics.

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