Video: Great white shark spotted off Wrightsville Beach, NC

WARNING: video contains language that some may find offensive.

Matt Garrett captured the video above of an adult white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) spotted about 25 miles southeast of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. According to an NBC report Garrett, from Boston, was fishing with friends when the shark showed up and began circling the boat. Garrett says the shark stayed in the area for about 20 minutes.

While white shark sightings off of the coast of North Carolina are not unheard of, it is fairly rare for sightings in the area to be documented on video. Tracking data indicates that the waters off North Carolina are along Atlantic white sharks migratory routes. In the spring and summer months white sharks have been documented traveling north along the East Coast from Florida waters to the cooler waters off New England, and then returning south in the fall and winter months.


  1. Dayna Austin says:

    It seems you have a limited foul vocabulary. Did your Mom teach you these words? Please watch your language around children. They may grow up to talk like you.

    • Jmichelle5 says:

      Seriously? Why would you comment about this? Lets see if there was a shark bumping your boat, i dont think your first thought would be to watch your mouth.

  2. Frank Probst says:

    Couldn’t tell if it was male or female, but your eyes are better at that than mine. 18 feet would probably be a female, if the size was right. I’d guess she was circling the boat to see if it was an injured whale and left when she realized it wasn’t.

    • drudown says:

      Why would any rational person posit that a White shark would “mistake” a boat with an injured whale?

      Which is it?

      Either White sharks have exceedingly fine-tuned perceptive faculties capable of easily differentiating between the wide array of marine life that make up it generalist feeder diet…or they are evolutionarily challenged blunderers that must expend substantial energy biting into objects to determine the relative nutritional value.

      Speculating that a White shark that cautiously approaches a human swimmer, bites into said human and then continues to feed on the swimmer “mistakenly” thought the human was an agile, fat rich pinniped has no basis in Science. It is faulty conjecture that turn the precepts of Natural Selection on its head, e.g., it would be an exceedingly injurious trait. Speculating that a White shark would conflate a marine vessel with a unbelievably stimulating injured (or dead) whale is just an extension of this faulty analysis that has infected shark sociobiology. Sadly, I can recall a purported expert proffer such an unfounded theory on “Great White Appetite”. Sad, even.

      How’s this as an alternative theory.

      Humans and their progenitors (H. erectus) have been fishing from marine vessels and/or rafts for over 2,000,000 years. Fishing (and whaling, for that matter) engenders many easy scavenging opportunities for opportunistic pelagic sharks. That is why, for example, juvenile White sharks will follow small fishing boats around Guadalupe island, i.e., they are displaced by more mature sharks at the cage dives which have also become routine feeding events.

      Sharks not only know what we are in every sense of the word, they have specific predation patterns tailored to capitalize on our harvest of the marine ecosystem. In South Africa, Zambezi sharks are known to arrive on the scene buy the mere sound of a speargun being cocked.

      “Clever girl…” – Jurrassic Park

  3. Joe says:

    What I want to know is: Is that a whale inside the boat? That guy must be 300 pounds. The heck with the shark; the guy with no shirt on really scares me!

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